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FUTUREology College and Career Counseling

Revolution Prep offerings
Financial Aid Support
Financial Aid Support
College & Career Counselor: Mrs. Gatlin

College & Career Counselor: Mrs. Gatlin

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Who we are:
We believe all students should have the tools and resources to not only stay in school but also prepare to enter a professional career, the military, or apply for their best fit college. No matter where they start, our mission is to empower them toward achieving their academic, college and career goals.
What we do:
We provide personalized, face-to- face meetings and group workshops and serve as an outpost to reach ALL students and families that need guidance during and after regular school hours – 1:30pm - 9pm. In addition, we build a comprehensive college-and- career-going culture for students by organizing events for post-secondary opportunities as well as providing robust, easy-to- use resource materials.
What support services to expect:
  • Best Fit College
  • Search, List, & Selection
  • College Application Assistance
  • Essay Orientation & Brainstorming
  • Financial Aid and Scholarship Support
  • Extracurricular Activity Strategy
  • Student-Athlete Guidance
  • Planning your College Visits
  • Test Prep Planning (SAT, ACT, Subject Tests)
  • Naviance Usage Strategies
  • Interviewing, Resume, Job Prep Skills
  • Career Exploration
  • Aptitude Survey Interpretation & Application