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24-Hour Absence Line (Entire Day Absence): (949) 234-5361

Attendance Line (Partial Day Absences/Call Outs): (949) 234-5348


Attendance Staff

Charity Robertson - Attendance Clerk
Kristina Khabovets - School Clerk II  
General Attendance Information:
If your student is going to be ABSENT FOR THE ENTIRE DAY please call our
24-Hour Absence Line at (949) 234-5361.
Please provide the following information when leaving a message:
  • The first and last name of the student
  • The date(s) of the absence
  • The reason for the absence
  • The name of the person calling and their relationship to the student
  • If a reason is not given, the student will be marked (U) UNEXCUSED for personal reasons.

Excused Absences:

  • Illness/injury
  • Medical or dental appointments (requires BOTH a note/documentation of appointment from Doctor’s Office AND a parent verification by phone, email, or in-person)
  • Funerals
  • Religious holidays
  • Court appearances
  • College visits (requires BOTH a note/documentation of visit AND a parent verification by phone, email, or in-person)

Unexcused Absences:

  • Personal reasons, family emergencies, DMV appointments, vacation, inclement weather, transportation issues, and oversleeping will be considered (U) UNEXCUSED. This code is used when parents notify us the absence was for any of the reasons above. These do not create disciplinary consequences, although teacher’s have the right to not accept make-up work for the time missed. This is different than an (H) UNVERIFIED absence.

Truancies/ Unverified:

  • (H) UNVERIFIED absences are those where parents have not contacted us.
  • Any (H) UNVERIFIED absence that is not cleared with the Attendance Office within 72- hours becomes a truancy.
  • Teacher’s will typically not accept make-up work for an (H) UNVERIFIED absence/truancy.

SARB – School Attendance Review Board:

  • When a student reaches either 3 days of (U) UNEXCUSED or (H) UNVERIFIED absences or 9 Period (U) UNEXCUSED or (H) UNVERIFIED absences, an automated SARB letter #1 will be sent home. This is just a notification to inform parents of the student’s absences.
  • If a student has multiple, (H) UNVERIFIED absences/truancies they will receive SARB letter #2/3. They will be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) for disciplinary action. Review the SARB section on the Safety and Student Services website @


  • Students who arrive less than 30 minutes late are considered tardy and should go straight to class. The only exception to this would be if a student had a doctor’s appointment. They will need to submit a doctor’s note to the Attendance Office so they may excused for the tardy.
  • Students that arrive more than 30 minutes late are considered absent, and must sign in at the Attendance Office. Parent can either provide a note or call the Attendance Line (949) 234-5348 to verify the absence, similar to a whole day absence.
** Detentions will be issued for excessive tardies and truancies. **

Early Out Policy:




  • If a student needs to leave early, before the school day is over, they should bring a parent note to the Attendance Office at least one period prior to the time they need to leave. The student will exchange this note for an off campus pass, which they will show to their teacher and Campus Supervisor, to be dismissed from school. Parent phone calls/emails to allow a student to leave early needs to be done 24-hours in advance in order for the Attendance Office to release your student at the appropriate time. The Attendance Line number is (949) 234-5348.
  • Students may only pick up “Early Out” passes during non-class time: BEFORE SCHOOL, AT BREAK, AND DURING LUNCH.
  • If a student becomes ill during class time and wishes to go home, the student should ask the teacher for a pass to the Nurse’s Office. Arrangements to go home will be coordinated through the nurse only.

18-Year Olds:

  • In the opinion of the California State Department of Education, Child Welfare and Attendance Division, 18-year olds have the right to excuse their own absences from school. To make you aware of this new responsibility that your student is accessing, we will provide your student a letter for you to sign and return if/when they choose to call themselves out or leave school early.
  • 18-year old students who give themselves permission to leave school early will be assigned an (U) UNEXCUSED absence, unless they provide a doctor’s note. (U) UNEXCUSED absences can affect the student’s ability to get credit for missed work.

Attendance Correction Form:

Please have your student pick up a white “Attendance Correction Form” at the Attendance Office, if they are marked absent in error. The student needs to complete the form, obtain the teacher’s signature, and return the completed form to the Attendance Office in order for a correction to be made.