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Zero Period Attendance Expectations

Punctual and faithful attendance to zero period is particularly important for several reasons:
  • there are a limited number of these classes
  • zero period is outside the regular school day
  • zero period is a privilege and students are not guaranteed a zero period
In order to maximize instructional time, we have established attendance and punctuality criteria specifically for zero period absences and tardies.

Attendance: Students are expected to attend zero period class every day.

Punctuality: Students are expected to be on time to zero period. The school tardy policy will be followed for zero period.

Consequences: Students will be withdrawn from a zero period class after the ninth zero period absence and/or tardy*. Any combination of absences/tardies in zero period that equal 9 will be grounds for REMOVAL of a student from zero period. Once withdrawn, they may re-enroll in the class later in the day if it is offered. Once a student has been dropped from a zero period class for poor attendance or tardiness, he or she will not be eligible to take a zero period class the following semester. All absences, even for illness or sports conflicts, count toward the total, if the absence is for zero period only.