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Tutorial Expectations

Our Tutorial Program is an extension of our Instructional Program.  It is designed to provide students with an academic setting where they can receive additional support in any of their academic classes.  The expectations of Tutorial are:
Logistics for Tutorial
  • Students must be on the teacher’s current class roster (not a time for sports/clubs)
Pre-Arranged Tutors and/or Structured Departmental Sessions are encouraged
  • Classes may not exceed 42 students
  • Students must sign-in everyday
  • Sign-In Sheets to be given to Department Chair last school day of the month
Academic Setting
  • Technology Use (phones, computers, tablets, etc.) is for educational purposes only
  • Unless directed by the teacher, this is a quiet academic environment for studying
  • Students may work independently or in groups (academic conversations only)
  • Tutors are to be actively tutoring
Instructional Activities
  • Students may make-up assignments, labs, quizzes, tests, etc.
  • Students may work on test corrections if allowed by the teacher
  • Students may work on projects, homework, assignments or simply study
  • Students may read independently when completed with all assignments
  • Tutorial may be used to review for up-coming assessments/assignments
  • Tutorial may be used as a time to conference with students
  • Tutorial may be used to re-teach concepts to small groups or the class as a whole
What Tutorial Is Not…
  • A time to socialize, eat or sleep
  • A time to meet as a team or club