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Tesoro Grad Night

Tesoro Grad Night 2024 - Friday, May 31 

Tesoro Grad Night 2024 - Friday, May 31 

Linked HERE is the registration form for this year's Grad Night at 6 Flags Magic Mountain.  Space is limited, so register ASAP!


Early Bird Discounted Ticket - $200 (Prices increase on Dec. 23)

$230 Dec 23 - Feb.29

$260 Mar. 1  or while supplies last.


Grad Night Ticket Includes:  transportation, all night buffet and a 2024 Season Pass.

Tesoro Grad Night 2024 Rules

Tesoro Grad Night 2024 Rules

2. Tickets are not transferable. Only Tesoro students.
3. TESORO School ID MUST be presented upon check in.
4. Students are encouraged to leave valuable, personal belongings at home. Grad Night Boosters and Tesoro High School are NOT responsible for any lost, stolen or damaged items.
5. No large bags or backpacks allowed. Phones, wallets, small purses/mini backpacks/drawstring bags are OK. Nothing larger than 8.5 x 5.5 size (half sheet of paper)
6. Security will search and breathalyze students PRIOR to boarding buses. Security at event venue is VERY strict. Clearance includes Xray screening and police dogs to search for contraband.
7. Students found in possession of or showing the effects of being under the influence of alcohol and/or chemical substances upon arrival or at any time during the event will NOT be permitted to attend the event. A parent or emergency contact person will be contacted to retrieve the student and local law enforcement will be notified. NO REFUNDS FOR STUDENTS DENIED ADMISSION. 
8. If any medications must be taken (either over the counter or prescription) arrangements must be made in advance.
9. No early release from the event venue. Students are to arrive and return on the bus with the group.
10. Parents are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to drop students off at THS for check-in and pick them up the following morning.


Friday, May 31st

Meet at Tesoro @ 4 pm SHARP

If you have questions regarding Grad Night, email

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Grad Night is not an ASB event and is not sponsored by Tesoro High School or CUSD