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Thespian Society

What is a Thespian?

Thespians are an elite group of Drama Club Members whose dedication, commitment, and achievements have proven to set them apart as an influential key to the Tesoro Theatre Arts program.

How do I become a Thespian?

In order to become a Thespian, you must first earn 10 thespian points. Points can be earned by participating in shows (both as an actor or a techie), competing in festivals, being a member of the Comedy Sportz team, or even building sets and house crewing  performances. There are many opportunities, just ask anyone on executive board and they'll be more than happy to give you some additional options.
1 point = 10 hours, therefore 10 points = 100 hours

How do I get my points recorded?

Once you become a member of Tesoro Theatre Arts, you will receive a green sheet. On it, you will be able to record your points. Once you have done some work, simply write down how many points you have earned and have a member of the Executive Board, a Crew Lead, or Mrs. DesPalmes sign it off and you will be good to go. Once you have a substancial amount of points it is recommended that you turn in your sheet to the clerk's box, then get a new sheet in order to start adding new points. If you lose your sheet you WILL NOT receive those points no matter how many points you had on that sheet. If you are in a show or ComedySportz then your points will automatically be recorded for you before the end of the school year. (You do not need to add those points to your green sheet).