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Theater Courses


Drama 1A, 1B (P)

Introducing the student to the theatre, the course includes the structure and production of plays through active participation in class projects as well as the opportunity to be involved in co-curricular drama activities after school. THIS COURSE MEETS THE UC/CSU "VPA" REQUIREMENT.
Drama Advanced (P)

Prerequisite - Drama IA, IB
This course offers in-depth theatre studies in the areas of Shakespeare, Comedy Techniques, the classics, TV Acting, American Modern, Mime, and Improvisation. This course can be taken more than once for credit. THIS COURSE MEETS THE UC/CSU "VPA" REQUIREMENT.
Actors' Repertory (P)

This advanced course offers the student the experience in performing. The student will study acting, directing, producing, and dramaturgy through multiple performance experiences. There is a prerequisite of two years of advanced acting for the course and admission into the class is by audition only. THIS COURSE MEETS THE UC/CSU "VPA" REQUIREMENT.


Cheryl Des Palmes Drama Teacher