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THS Theatre Arts Boosters

A formal Booster program was initiated at the beginning of the 2008-09 school year to coordinate the parent fund-raising and volunteer activities, a Board of Directors was formed, and officers were elected. 
Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated Boosters, enough money has been raised to:
  • Purchase a shed to store props, scenery and furniture.
  • Provide scholarships for students to participate in festivals
  • Provide transportation to festivals
  • Contribute toward the painting of a mural outside the theatre
  • Help subsidize the hiring of administrative, dance and vocal coaches
  • Purchase new equipment for stagecraft 
This year’s THS Theatre Arts Boosters Board of Directors is:
  • Irene Vecchione, President
  • Tina Green, Vice President
  • Stephanie Mansoory, Secretary         
  • Kate Aneson, Treasurer
All Parents Of Drama Students, From Beginning To Actors' Repertory, Are Boosters And Are Invited To Attend Every Booster Meeting.  The Boosters Meet On The Second Thursday Of Every Month At 7:00 P.M., Unless Otherwise Notified.
Any interested parent is encouraged to join the Boosters in our fund-raising and volunteer activities. 
Visit our website: Tesoro Theatre Arts