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The Drama Club consists of several crews that allow students the opportunity to pursue their particular interests in the various areas of theatre. All students whether they consider themselves actors or technical students, serve on crews. At the beginning of the year, students attend an informational meeting and sign up for the crew or crews of their choice. Each crew has a designated Thespian who acts as the crew lead, holds monthly meetings and provides workshops throughout the year.  The following are the various crews that make up the Drama Club:
Build Crew:  The Build Crew safely learns set-building techniques and they build the sets for the fall play and spring musical.
Costume Crew: The Costume Crew is responsible for costume issue and maintenance during the productions. This crew is responsible for the proper storage of all past and present costumes. Some costume crew members compete in costume design competition and design, sew, or mend costumes for the productions.
Dramaturgy Crew:  The Dramaturgy Crew researches the fall play and the spring musical. They work with the director and actors to help them understand the historical context and production history of a show. These students create a visual presentation of their research in the lobby outside the theatre that helps educate our audiences about the shows.
House Crew:  The students on this crew learn management and people skills while working on front office operations including ticket sales, concessions sales and ushering.
Lighting/Sound Crew: Students on this crew design the lighting and sound for the department’s productions. They learn to proper way to hang and focus lights, program and work the light boards.  They also find and/or create sounds to complement the scenes being performed.
Makeup/Hair Crew: Students learn to use techniques with makeup, hair styles, wigs, etc., and to create characters of all different types and ages.  They use these skills during the various plays and festivals presented during the year.
Paint Crew: This crew focuses on the technique of scenery painting and is responsible for painting the sets for the fall play and the spring musical.
Prop Crew: This crew builds and finds props for the plays and they are responsible for maintaining proper storage of the props in the prop room and storage shed.
Publicity Crew:  This crew learns the basics of marketing, public relations and publicity to both the Tesoro student body as well within the community.
Storage Crew:  This crew maintains and organizes the storage room and storage shed.