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Under the auspices of Comedy Sportz LA, THS Theatre Arts has its own Comedy Sportz team that competes in the CSZ High School League against teams from other high schools. Matches against alumnae and the Tesoro faculty are also held during the year. During the matches, with a referee present, two teams compete in a battle of wits and improvisational skills.  Audience participation is encouraged, and the audience members decide on the winner. The Comedy Sportz team rehearses weekly, and the matches are held approximately monthly.  A Comedy Sportz Match will fill the bill if you want an evening of family friendly, laugh-out-loud entertainment.  For additional information, please go to and refer to the ComedySportz calendar for the dates of this year's matches.
2013-14 ComedySportz Varsity Team
Maunia Julander
Claudia Mansoory
Adam Robinson
Luke Konopasky
Sara Mackenzie
Lexi Ginn
Meredith Turner
D’Arcy Green
Bryan Fraser
Madison Schwartz
Jonathan Vu
Erica Jackson
Sean Hefner
Christian Lupica
Jordan McIntyre
Erich Sieben
2013-14 ComedySportz Junior Varsity Team
Alexander Bergelson
Nicholas Law
Auva Abedini
Maddie Elliot
Kaden Berkenkotter
Rita Konopasky
Natalie Satarzadeh
Sandy Victoria
Tayte Johnson
Trevor Perez
Lexi Aviles
Gillian Bailey
Juli Nazzario
Florencia Pina
Andrea Uribe
Rodolfo Delamarre