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Instrumental Music Courses


Beginning Guitar
The elements of guitar playing are taught in this course. Various strums and finger pickings are taught. Basic knowledge of musical notation, key signatures, and stylistic interpretation is presented. The student learns the basics of accompaniment, using folk and popular material.
Marching Band
Recommended - Concurrent enrollment in Concert Band/ Wind Ensemble and/or Orchestra
This Marching Band, "Tesoro Entertainment Units"   course is open to any student with previous training on a wind or percussion instrument and also welcomes students without prior training who desire to learn a wind or percussion instrument.  The Entertainment Units performs for home football games, weekend field show competitions, parades and other community events throughout  Southern California. Attendance at extra rehearsals and all performances is required. The Marching Band class fulfills five credits of Physical Education Participation in four semesters of marching band fulfills the PE requirement for graduation.
Concert Band A, B (P)
This course is for the student who has attained intermediate proficiency on his/her instrument. Music of increasing difficulty is presented with instruction designed to increase the range, flexibility, endurance, tone quality, and artistic interpretation of the student. This group performs in school and public concerts. It is strongly advised that concert band members enroll in “Marching Band,” in which physical education credit is earned by the duel enrollment. Attendance at extra rehearsals and all performances is required. THIS COURSE MEETS THE UC/CSU "VPA" REQUIREMENT.
Wind Ensemble A, B (P)  Audition Only
This is the most advanced of the ensembles and is designed for the student who is a highly competent performer. The student is challenged by music of the highest caliber, requiring more sophisticated understanding of complex rhythms, all key signatures, musical terminology, ensemble skills, and extra effort on the part of the student. Wind Ensemble is a major performing ensemble, and participation in concerts, festivals and assemblies is required. Members may also enroll in “Marching Band” as a separate period for physical education credit. THIS COURSE MEETS THE UC/CSU "VPA" REQUIREMENT.
String Orchestra A, B (P)
This course is for the student who has mastered the intermediate proficiency on his/her instrument in a string orchestra (violin, viola, cello, string bass)  Music of increasing difficulty is presented  with instruction designed to  increase knowledge and understanding of music theory and history,  string pedagogy, tone quality and artistic interpretation. String Ensemble is a performing ensemble and participation in all concerts and festivals is required.  The String Ensemble course also welcomes students who wish to learn a secondary instrument or even those without training who desire to learn a string orchestra instrument.  No audition is required to participate in the String Ensemble. THIS COURSE MEETS THE UC/CSU "VPA" REQUIREMENT.
Chamber Orchestra A, B (P)  Audition Only
This is the most advanced of the string ensembles and is designed for the student who is a highly competent performer.  The student is challenged by music of authentic compositions requiring a more sophisticated understanding of complex rhythms, key signatures and musical terminology.  This ensemble performs compositions from all periods of string literature gaining greater proficiency in independent quartet/ensemble and solo performance.  Chamber Orchestra is a major performing ensemble, and participation in concerts, festivals and other community performances is required. 
(P) = College Prep Course that will satisfy one of the A-G requirements for CSU and UC Eligibility.


Yeon Choi Instrumental Music Director
Andy Magana Instrumental Music Director