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Grades:  10-12          10 Credits/Year-long course
Recommended:  Successful completion of Algebra II; teacher recommendation
This course is designed for the student who plans to major in liberal arts, rather than in math or science.  The topics of study include linear and nonlinear systems of equations and inequalities, matrices and determinants, polynomial functions and their graphs, exponential and logarithmic functions, trigonometric functions and identities, complex numbers, sequences and series, and limits.


Grades:  10-12          10 Credits/Year-long course
Recommended:  Highly successful completion of Accelerated Algebra II/Trigonometry (including an 80% test average each semester); and teacher recommendation
This is an advanced course equivalent in pace and rigor to a college level course.  The topics of study include matrix algebra; exponential and logarithmic functions and graphs; polynomial functions and their graphs; trigonometric functions and their graphs; analytical trigonometry; systems of linear equations and inequalities; analytic geometry; vector, parametric, and polar coordinates; mathematical inductions; functions and models; limits, continuity and derivatives.