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Business Management and Entrepreneurship


Craig Cunningham Teacher
Credits: 5/semester
UC/CSU: g (must complete fall and spring semesters for UC/CSU credit)
Length: Year - 10 Credits
Placement Guidelines: Grades 9 - 12
Articulates with Saddleback College & Coastline Community College; Honors Weighted
This course is an Introduction to Business.  It is intended for students who plan to major in Business, Business Administration and/or Economics in college.  This course is also targeted to those who want to start a business after graduation.  It is a comprehensive two-semester course that emphasizes the principles of business, economics, and personal finance.  Many of the disciplines of business will be introduced, including Management, Marketing, Accounting, Finance, Business Law, Logistics, Human Resource Management and the many other fundamental operations of a business.
This course will enable students to understand fundamental economic and business concepts and terms, the key elements involved in owning/managing a business and the implementation of marketing and business plan, the measurement of economic performance, management of business operations and human resources, and the importance of the international economy. Students will develop critical thinking and economic decision-making skills.