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Craig Cunningham Teacher
Credits: 5/semester
UC/CSU: g (must complete fall and spring semesters for UC/CSU credit)
Length: Year - 10 credits
Placement Guidelines: Grades 9-12
Math graduation credit for CUSD students
Articulates with Saddleback College & Coastline Community College; Honors Weighted
Provides students a strong foundation in accounting principles, both in theory and practice. This course gives a head-start to all college-bound students planning to major in any Business-related program, including Business Administration, Marketing and Management. The Generally Accepted Accounting Principles will provide the foundation for the student's introduction to accounting as a process for measuring and recording the financial value of a business. In addition, the course will demonstrate the importance of monitoring the company's financial value to better evaluate and make timely and accurate decisions. Students will learn accounting practices for both proprietorships and partnerships in the service and merchandising sectors. Activities will include transaction analysis, journaling, payroll processes and financial statement preparation and interpretation. Students will also learn how to utilize the industry preferred QuickBooks accounting software. There will be opportunities to become a QuickBooks Certified User for interested students. Additionally, students may earn a certificate or college credit upon completion of this course.