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    About Us

    Our Mission
    Tesoro High School provides a community that fosters balanced, responsible individuals through high academic standards and strong curricular programs while valuing diversity, promoting effective communication skills, and demonstrating mutual respect in collaboration with parents and the local community.
    Our Vision
    Tesoro High School is a place where all students’ needs are met in an environment where the Titan community does the right and proper thing by demonstrating Wisdom, Strength, and Honor.
    Tesoro’s Goals and Values
     As a Professional Learning Community, Tesoro High School provides an atmosphere where teachers collaborate regularly on vertical and horizontal curricular teams to ensure a standards based curriculum, valid assessment tools, and use of data to drive instruction and intervention.  We will do this while honoring our shared commitments to each other and our students.
    Shared Commitments
    • All students have the ability to learn
    • Students will show academic, social, or emotional growth from each and every class they enroll in at Tesoro
    • All staff members will treat students with respect and will recognize (be understanding of) their individual needs
    Tesoro High School’s motto of Wisdom, Strength and Honor reflects the values of the students, staff and community.
    These values can be seen in the daily actions of our students and staff, and the student learning outcomes and goals that we expect from our students
    Student Learning Outcomes and Goals
    Tesoro High School students will be:
    • Respectful and Responsible Citizens
    • Effective Communicators
    • Collaborative Workers
    • Independent Learners
    Develop academic curiosity
    Engage in high level critical thinking
    Experience wide ranging elective offerings
    Practice effective communication skills
    Become socially conscience individuals
    Promote school involvement through a diverse range of school activities
    Show the power of collaboration
    Experience wide spread leadership experiences
    Foster independence and effective decision-making
    Promote the social and emotional well-being of self and others
    Prepare and compete at one’s best athletically, artistically and academically
    Believe and support an inclusive culture of diversity and varied ideas
    Engage in appropriate sportsmanship as athletes or athletic supporters
    Be respectful at all times
    Take responsibility for ones actions
    Do the right and proper thing