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Graduation 2023

Commencement Ceremony Information:

Date: June 1, 2023
Location: Titan Stadium
Parking lots open at: 2:00 pm
Gates Open: 3:00 pm
Ceremony Time:  4:00 PM

Tickets sales are no longer available on our webstore.  

We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the 2023 Commencement Ceremony at Tesoro High School. The ceremony will take place in Titan Stadium at 4:00 pm on Thursday, June 1, 2023, beginning promptly at 4:00 pm lasting approximately an hour and a half.  Having the ceremony on campus provides a spirited atmosphere and a sense of community, but it is also a smaller venue than in the previous years.  Our goal is to provide an outstanding commencement event that will remain with our graduating seniors and their families as a positive memory.  The production of an outstanding event requires precise organization and the total support of students, parents, and guests.  As a family, please review the following guidelines and responsibilities.


Additional Ticket Sales:  Due to the limited size of our stadium, each graduate will be allocated five (5) guest tickets and one (1) parking pass at no charge (graduates DO NOT need a ticket).  Families that will require more than the complimentary five(5) tickets will have the opportunity to purchase up to five (5) additional tickets for $5.00 each beginning in April 2023.  Additional tickets are available for purchase at our ASB Store or online at our ASB webstore.  
Additional Parking: Due to the limited parking available on campus, each graduate will be allocated one (1) parking pass.  Graduates and Guests are HIGHLY encouraged to arrive together in one vehicle. We will also have a  VERY LIMITED number of additional parking passes available for purchase at $20.00 per pass. In addition, we will have a designated drop off/pick up area for those who would rather take a ride sharing service. Handicap parking will also be made available in our front staff parking lot.  
Ticket Distribution:  All tickets (both complimentary and purchased) will be distributed to Tesoro seniors on Wednesday, May 31, 2023 immediately following our MANDATORY Graduation Rehearsal.  The ticket/cap and gown distribution event will be held in our stadium.  
The funds from the additional ticket sales will help offset the cost incurred for the rental of additional chairs, set–up and security.  This system will allow us to accommodate a large number of guests while providing a safe, orderly and dignified ceremony.


Student Schedule: 
MANDATORY graduation rehearsal will be held on the stadium field starting promptly at 9:30am on Wednesday, May 31, 2023.    The Graduation Ceremony will begin promptly at 4:00pm on Thursday, June 1st..  Students report to the baseball field between 3:00 - 3:30pm.  Students must be on time for BOTH the graduation rehearsal and the final ceremony. 
Student Seating:  Graduating seniors will choose their seating from the commencement ceremony at our rehearsal and fill out a name card at that time. 
Student Appropriate Attire/Behavior:  Distribution of previously purchased caps and gowns will take place on Wednesday, June 1st immediately following rehearsal.  We recommend our male students to dress in a collared shirt and nice pants.  For our female students, we recommend wearing a nice sundress or a blouse and nice pants.  Jeans, shorts, hats and flip-flop sandals are inappropriate and unacceptable for a dignified ceremony.  Cell phones, cameras, flowers, purses, water bottles and any other items are not permitted on the field during the graduation ceremony.  Cap and gowns may NOT be altered in any way, including decorations on the caps.
Student Footwear:  Students CANNOT wear high-heeled shoes during the ceremony; the heel of such shoes easily sinks into the artificial turf of the field and will damage both the track and field surfaces.  Wedge shoes with flat soles are recommended.  Our suggestion is to please wear comfortable flat shoes during the ceremony and change into your footwear of choice following the ceremony.
Student Etiquette:  Graduates will enter the stadium in an orderly manner and will remain seated during most of the ceremony. Our goal is to allow each and every graduate their moment in the spotlight.  It is expected that graduates refrain from talking to other classmates during the presentation of diplomas.  Noisy or visual distractions such as: noise-makers, signs, fireworks, beach balls, or other distractions take the focus away from our graduates and are not allowed in the stadium.  Students violating graduation policies will be removed from the ceremony.  
Diplomas: As each senior’s name is called, they will receive a diploma cover.  Following the ceremony, the actual diplomas will be distributed behind the stage along the stadium fence.  Graduates that will not be participating in the ceremony may pick up their diplomas from their counselor on Friday, June 3rd.  The Guidance Office is open from 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  Please call the office first to verify they will be available during the time you wish to come.
Outstanding Fines:  Any student with outstanding fines (library, athletic, activities or chromebook) MUST settle this debt on or before June 1st, prior to picking up their cap/gown and tickets.


Arrival Times:  Parking lots will open at 2:00 pm with stadium gates opening at 2:45 pm.  
Seating:  Seating in the stadium is on a first-come, first-served basis, in the bleachers as well as additional seating on the track.  The stadium gates will open at 2:45 pm for all guests.  We strongly discourage guests from lining up at the stadium prior to 2:45 pm, as all ticketed guests will have a seat.  
Handicapped Seating:  Our track seating is easily handicap accessible and we highly recommend securing seats on the track.  Please note the ceremony will be taking place outdoors in early June, and the weather will likely be very hot and in direct sunlight.  Please plan accordingly.
Parent/Guest and Graduate Meeting Area:  Parents and guests are not allowed on the stadium field at any time before or during the ceremony.  Following the ceremony, graduates will proceed to the designated area to pick up their diploma inserts.  At the conclusion of the ceremony parents and guests can meet their graduates near our pool area by the 1100 building (2-story building) situated behind our homestands.
Parking:  Tesoro has a very large graduating class and an extremely large crowd is expected.  Parking and traffic congestion is always a challenge, therefore, an early arrival is recommended.  The front staff lot is reserved for handicapped or special needs parking.  For people with special needs, who do not have handicapped placards, please park in the front senior lot (enter at the marquee), as golf cart shuttles will be available to transport our guests.  Parking lots will open at 2:00 pm and ALLcars will need a Graduation Parking Pass.
We will have a designated drop off/pick up area near our tennis courts for those who would rather take a ride sharing service.  We WILL NOT be offering a park and ride shuttle service for this event.
If you have any questions regarding graduation or need more information, please contact our Activities Director, Petra Davis-Johnson at 
CLICK HERE FOR INFORMATION Regarding Cap & Gowns and Senior Portraits


What can we not bring to graduation?
Umbrellas, balloons, coolers, signs, fireworks, beach balls, and air horns or other obnoxious noise makers are not allowed in the stadium. Umbrellas/balloons can obstruct views, coolers are unnecessary (snack bar will be open), and air horns are deafening.
When do we receive our graduation tickets and caps & gowns?
During rehersal May 31, 2023
Can I arrive early and save seats or wait in line?
No, the stadium is shutdown until gates open. Any blankets/chairs that make it into the stadium prior will be swept.
Gates open 1 hour prior to the ceremony
I have handicap parking, will there be enough spots?
Handicap parking is located on site.  Handicap parking is limited, however, and is on a first come first serve basis. 
Will anything be done about the weather?
The weather cannot be controlled. June can be hot and June can be gloomy.  Check the weather prior to the event and dress accordingly.  Hats and sunscreen are recommended.
Will there be handicap seating at the event?
Yes, there will be seating for handicap persons and 1 additional chaperone. Handicap seating is limited and on a fist come first serve basis.
Can my graduate wear leis and other sorts of regalia during the ceremony?
Only school provided/approved regalia may be worn during the ceremony.  This regalia is distributed during senior awards and consists of cords, stoles, and medals that are directly related to and approved by TESORO HIGH SCHOOL.
Leis can be worn during graduation.
What should I wear under my gown and on my feet?
Clothes and shoes!  After graduation there will be pictures taken by family/friends.  Think about what you want to wear under your gown that will make your family happy during pictures.  Many graduates wear dress clothes.  Absolutely no heels on the turf!  The heels will not only poke holes in the turf, but they will also get stuck and you may fall.  Flats or wedges please.
You will need to arrive at the ceremony HOLDING your cap and gown.
You may NOT decorate your cap.
Will there be a photographer taking pictures of graduates receiving their diplomas?
Absolutely!  South Coast Photographic will be taking a still shot of each graduate receiving the diploma on stage. A link will be provided after graduation where these photos can be accessed.
Graduation Leis and Gifts for the Class of 2023! 

Graduation Leis and Gifts for the Class of 2023! 

The Tesoro Music Boosters are selling beautiful floral leis, bouquets, and custom Class of 2023 T-shirts for our Tesoro Graduates.  The t-shirts feature the names of all the graduates. The items must be pre-ordered and will be available for pick-up at Tesoro High School on June 21st, prior to the Graduation ceremony. Students will not be allowed to wear the leis during the graduation ceremony. They will make tremendous congratulation gifts and add a touch of celebration to those post-graduation photos! UseTHIS LINK to place your orders today!